October 24, 2012

Fort McHenry Family Field Trip

Bennet recently learned about the Star Spangled Banner at preschool.  He’s been singing it non-stop, and has developed a bit of an obsession with all things “War of 1812” and “Francis Scott Key” related. 

Oh, and with the Americans being the “good guys” and the British being the “bad guys.”


Back at the start of the school year, Andrew had taken off work this morning to attend the kids’ pumpkin farm field trip. We found out recently that it was going to cost $30 for all of us to attend – $30!


We decided instead to take the kids to Fort McHenry, so that Bennet could see the birth place of the Star Spangled Banner.  Since we used to live IN Locust Point – the neighborhood where Fort McHenry is located – Bennet was also excited to go back to the “house he was a baby in.”

Also, YES, the kids wore Captain America shirts.


It’s gut-wrenching for me that Bennet has no recollection of the 2 1/2 years we spent living in Locust Point before moving to the ‘burbs.  I told him today that I spent many-a-morning walking Baby Bennet around the fort in his stroller.  Perhaps that’s why he appreciates the history so much?


The kids busied themselves with racing around the paths of the fort, and climbing on statues.  I’m shocked that we didn’t get in trouble for either.



We did, however, get in trouble for letting the kids stand on the seawall.  It’s a historic sea wall, you know?  And there is a sign that says “no standing on the sea wall.”  Sheesh.


Bennet’s questions about the war and about our boy Francis were amazing.  “Are the bad guys still alive?” and “Did Francis Scott Key use the American flag to blow up the British?” 

Oh well, he’s four.


After walking around the fort, we hit the new visitor’s center, and the kids each got an American flag in the gift shop.


Bennet also got a book about Francis Scott Key, and a post card to take to show-and-tell at school. 

I hope his teacher is at least a little impressed that we went on such an educational trip.


After our time at Fort McHenry, we hit up an old South Baltimore fave – a little Mexican restaurant we used to frequent.

$30 spent on enchiladas, margaritas, and American flags – THAT seems like $30 well-spent to me!


Also worth the money spent?

Hearing Bennet run around the driveway with his flag when we got home, saying, “KENNEDY, Let’s play Francis Scott Key!  I’ll be the American and you be the British and I’ll blow you up with my flag!”



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