October 22, 2012

Weekend Fun!

This past weekend was one of those ones that go too fast, but are lots of fun! 

After a Friday night dinner with my family, we woke up on Saturday morning ready to volunteer for our friend Nic Kipke’s park clean-up.  It was the kids’ first opportunity to volunteer and they did a great job!


We hiked through the nature trails of the park, picking up trash and bagging it up.  Then, Andrew and the kids pulled weeds for an area that’s being made into a butterfly garden.


We were all exhausted after our morning, so we came home and took a long Saturday afternoon nap!  Then, we took the kids to a bonfire at my friend Rose’s house.


I took this cute jar full of glow sticks for all the kids – love it!

Our kids are early bed-goers, so taking them to a party that didn’t start until 7 was a big deal for them!  They did great – playing with their friends and eating hot dogs and smores – I couldn’t believe how late we got to stay before everyone got sleepy!


Kennedy wasn’t a fan of the heat from the bonfire.


So I let her run and play and instead sat by the fire and got caught up with some good friends!


Eventually, the kids ran out of steam and we headed home.  Such a fun time!

Yesterday we had a little pumpkin-carving party

Such a great end to a super-fun weekend!



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