October 16, 2012

HCG Weight Loss: Week 7, Update 1

Starting Weight: 194.0

Current Weight: 174.3

Pounds Lost: 19.7!!

Nothing new! I’ve been cruising along, maintaining my 174 weight for the past weeks.  I don’t mind staying here for a while.  I lost 20 pounds in a month, and my time on the Trim Nutrition 20/30 Rapid Leaning program was intended to be just that – a maintenance phase!  About two weeks to go until I start another HCG cycle, and I can’t wait.

I think everyone is different and, for whatever reason, my body always needs a little kick-in-the-pants to lose weight.  I really have a lousy metabolism, and HCG is the first thing in a long time that I have found that really makes me drop the pounds!


So here I sit - (Literally.  I just took this photo sitting at my laptop.) just maintaining and feeling awesome.

I have also had the chance to try out a few of Trim’s supplements over this period, and I’m really finding products of theirs that will always be a part of my routine.  I love their protein shakes, and I’m really feeling like my tummy issues are better with their GI Pro.  The Power Cell is supposed to make your hair and nails grow and mine definitely are!

I heart Trim Nutrition.  Can’t say it enough.  AND, I have some friends who are thinking of starting their HCG program, too!  Can’t wait to see their success!

Interested in checking out Trim Nutrition for yourself?  Trim Nutrition offers vitamin injections and weight-management products that fit every lifestyle.  Visit their website and check them out!  Enter code “TERRIHCG” in the additional comments section when you check-out to let them know you heard about their products from this blog!

Disclosure: I received the 20/30 Rapid Leaning Program for review from Trim Nutrition.  I am not being compensated for my review of this product, nor for my opinions of the product. I always give my honest opinions, feelings and beliefs about the products reviewed on this blog.



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