October 8, 2012

The One About the Time We Got Matching Tattoos


I turned 32 this summer.  My birthday typically brings about all manner of celebration and fanfare, but 31 was a slump-of-a-year, and I decided I didn’t want a big party.  Andrew and I had planned to check out the new casino in our area – with plans to keep the night low-key.


My mom and my grandma ended up wanting to come – totally random, I know.  We went to dinner first, and then hit the penny slots.  I heart penny slots.  Penny slots are my jam.



There was a point in the night that my straight-laced husband said, “If you stopped playing right now, we’d have enough to get matching anchor tattoos.” 

I’ve been wanting matching anchor tattoos for a while.  I played down my $100 winnings just slightly and then decided to cash out.


And so, off we went with birthday money from my grandma, and our $80 penny slot winnings to the tattoo place.


I got mine on my foot.


Andrew got his on his leg.

My favorite part of the night was when my dear husband explained to the pretentious (read: way cooler than us) tattoo people that we wanted an anchor tattoo to symbolize us being anchored to each other. 

Later I told him that the tattoo people were probably thinking, “Oh, really?  We’ve never heard that one before.  So original.”

He’s so cute.

It really was a great birthday – one of the best ones I’ve had in a while.  And, all cheesiness aside, we really are anchored together – more after this past year than ever.

NOW.  While you’re here, can you do me a favor?  I entered a very abbreviated version of this tale in the Maryland Live Casino Stories contest and I’m one of the finalists!  I think winning tattoo money at the penny slots is 1) incredibly classy and 2) deserving of a win.  SO…PLEASE GO HERE --


And vote for me!  Will you?  : )

Votes have to be in my October 10th, so don’t procrastinate! 


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