April 20, 2008

come on, bennet.

Andrew & I went to the doctor on Friday morning and, for the first time since Dr. Hunter went out on maternity leave, we feel like we have a good understanding of what is going on and we're feeling much more relaxed and informed and in control - all of which are good things. We saw a new doctor, Dr. Weitz, and I LOVED HER. She actually delivered my cousin Lacey, who is 21 now, so she wasn't happy when I told her that - haha. In any event, she will be the doctor we see every Friday from now until Bennet comes, so its a good thing we like her view on things - because she's it!

She explained to us that she is apprehensive about inducing me unless things change with my cervix. Apparently they can bring me in the night before the induction and try to medically get my cervix to soften and efface, but she says even when they do that - the chance of it not working and me ending up having a c-section because of "failure to progress" is really high. She doesn't think the baby's weight is a huge concern and says that these ultrasounds can be a pound off in either direction. She says she's been doing this for a long time, and she can't tell me how many times she's seen them induce a mom because her baby is supposedly "big," she ends up having a c-section, and then the baby weighs 8 lbs and they say, "Shoot, we messed up." So she is being VERY careful about whatever move she makes with us, which makes me feel good and I really trust her opinion. It's nice not to feel rushed through the system, which is how we were feeling there for a few weeks.

Our current plan is to continue as planned this week and have my non-stress test and sonogram on Tuesday, and then on Friday I'll have another NST and a growth sonogram so they can see how big they think the baby is now. From there, Dr. Weitz will check my cervix and see if it is any more "favorable" for induction and we'll go from there. They will still either induce me a week early or on my due date...but if I want a chance at being a week early, my cervix needs to do some major softening, effacing, WHATEVER between now and Friday.

The good news is that, although I'll be bummed if I can't be induced next week, I have a doctor who is doing everything in her power for me not to have to have a c-section, and who is really knowledgeable and seems to really care about my health - so I am feeling much happier than I was at the beginning of last week with all of the blood pressure worries, etc.

So now we continue to wait. I am full term on Tuesday (38 weeks) so I am really just hoping I go into labor on my own without all of this talk of inducing and other craziness. Come on, Bennet, we're ready!


Brittany said...

I am so glad that this latest doctor has calmed your nerves. There is nothing worse than being anxious about your health AND the health of our baby. We are praying that Big Ben (as I am now calling him, jk) will just come out on his own and that everything moves smoothly. I am sure you are ready to get this "party" started.

Cory E. :) said...

Hey Teri, Just think if you have a C-Section you will be that much closer to brittany spears and then you can get the Paparazzi to take a picture of..... oh nevermind I am getting out of control ha ha.

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