April 15, 2008

spin the wheel.

Another Tuesday, another NST & ultrasound. Apparently everything is looking good with Baby Bennet. I left the hospital this morning with lots of questions, though. I think my major concern at this point is my blood pressure. Whenever I go, it's really high, and they keep taking it over and over until it gets "low" enough that they can send me home. My concern is that if they take it 5 times, and only one of those times it is lower, then clearly there is a problem with my blood pressure. I don't think it's best practice to keep taking it over and over until they get an acceptable number. It seems to me that whatever it is when I first walk in is what it should be normally when I am out and about. I feel like they're spinning the wheel over and over until they get the number they want, rather than addressing why I'm walking in the doors with it up to 150/90 in the first place. Who knows...I'm no doctor.

The nurse who did my NST this morning kept moving the monitors around and saying how she was having difficulty getting a steady reading on his heart beat because he was moving around so frantically. Then she said I have ketones in my urine, which according to google means I could be starting to develop gestational diabetes. She felt that my doctor would want to look over both of these pieces of information when I went up to his office for my ultrasound, but apparently he didn't think it was a bid deal because the ultrasound tech said my fluid was fine, the doctor signed off on my chart & the nurse said I was free to go home.

I get frustrated with myself because I never want to question doctors or second guess them. Tammie and I think it's because we've worked in health care so much and we have seen so many nagging, ridiculous patients that we don't want to be that way. Whenever I ask any doctor a question, I just say "okay" about his answer and go on about my business. Andrew wanted me to call the doctor this morning and talk to him about my frustrations. I do want to know why they keep fooling around with my blood pressure. I do want to know why they will only induce me a week early when so many other people I know were carrying "big babies" and their doctors induced them 2 or 3 weeks early. I do want to know why if I am walking around with high blood pressure, possible gestational diabetes, way too much water weight, and a huge baby...why wouldn't they just induce me? But I hate to question doctors.

And so, Andrew put a call in to the doctor today and he is planning to talk to him about all of our/my concerns. He takes such good care of me. Hopefully talking to the doctor will put some of the concerns that developed today to rest - I'm not a big fan of feeling this worried and confused.


April E. :) said...

I think that is a good point about having worked in the healthcare industry before. I have that too. You see the other side were people question doctors and thier expertise over and over. But then again, the older I get the more I have learned that I know MY body better than ANYONE else, even a doctor...and at some point not only do you need to stand up for yourself, but for that little (or slightly larger that little) baby that that you are growing :) It will work out Momma!! I am praying!

The Coys said...

Oh, I feel for you. It's so difficult to have so many questions, and not enough time to let them come into your head and ask them all when you're sitting in front of the doctor. I did have high blood pressure with James as well, and had borderline toxemia. My water broke 3 1/2 weeks early and my body was probably telling me something. I'm sure your body will lead the way as well as to what is best, but it doesn't help the worrying. Good for Andrew to call the doctor too - I love that.

Cory E. :) said...


The one thing I can tell you is they take your blood pressure so many times because the longer you are there the more your blood pressure (usually) goes down. Most people when they go to the doctor their blood pressure is high because of the stress of going to the doctor. So they take it several times to see if it is going down. I hope that helps a little to ease the worry. Everything else I can't help, but good luck we are praying for you, Andrew and big bennett

Life911Saver said...

Even after taking it 5 times, your blood pressure is still better than mine is - on medication, at that! I've always had high blood pressure. When I was 6 and my mom took me to the pediatrician, my blood pressure was higher than hers! Then again she usually has low blood pressure, but still... it must be something with my blood! So far my blood pressure medication has been doubled twice, so technically I'm taking 4x the amount I started on, and it's STILL high. LoL

My sister had Toxemia and Preclampsia when she was pregnant with my niece Hannah... her blood pressure was so high that she had seizures and they were afraid she might have a stroke. Thankfully, both mom and baby are healthy and happy now... 9 1/2 years later!

I know I tend to get a little off-topic alot but my intention was to reassure you because on the scale of high blood pressure, 150/90 really isn't that bad... and atleast there's an end in sight! =)

C'mon Bennet... April 28th! LoL

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