April 11, 2008

two is better than three.

Had my second NST today and Bennet's heartbeat is loud and strong! He was moving all around and his heart rate was really high - 9 AM must be an active time for him. My last one was at 7 AM, and he was pretty lazy, so maybe that means he'll be sleeping still at 7 AM when he gets here? (In my dreams, right?)

I saw my new doctor (since Dr. Hunter is out on maternity leave now) and he is super nice. I asked him about getting induced early before the baby gets too much bigger and he said because I am a first time mom and because he wants to make sure the baby's lungs are fully developed, he will induce me a week early, but not any earlier. I'm completely happy with that. Maybe he'll be 8 1/2 or 9 lbs instead of 10 - I'll take that any day!

He did say that the ultrasound could be a little off, and that he may not be as big as they project (please be true!) - so that made me feel better, too. Regardless of his size, he is healthy & happy & judging my my cervix being absolutely nowhere near showing any signs of going into labor - he's planning to stay put for a while.

So we talk next week about getting induced. He said, depending on my cervix, that he may need to bring me in the night before the induction and use some kind of gel on it to make it get soft and ready to dialate. He also said that if I do end up having a c-section, it is NOT true that I will not be able to go up stairs for 2 weeks (which was one of my concerns considering we live in a row home with lots of stairs and no bathrooms on the lower level.) He has quite the sense of humor - I asked him about my swollen feet and he said that even if I elevate them for 10 hours, as soon as I put them down they're going to swell back up, so he won't even tell me to elevate them because that's crazy. I love an honest man.

So all-in-all, I am pleased with today's visit. Looks like we're planning for a baby around the 29th of April (if he doesn't come earlier - which I still have my fingers crossed for.) I really like the new doctor, which is a relief because you never know what to expect when you make a change like that, especially when you're in love with your real doctor like I am.

On a side note, when I was getting on the elevator today in the parking garage, my real doctor, Dr. Hunter, was getting off the elevator with her beautiful new baby girl, Georgia. I love having a doctor who runs off the elevator and gives me a big hug and asks how I am and tells me how worried she's been about me and how she hated to go out on maternity leave the day after telling me all of my news. She's like a girlfriend more than a doctor. If anyone's looking for a phenomenal OB/GYN in the Towson area - let me know and I'll pass her info on to you.

So that's our baby update. Any visit where you go in with 3 weeks to go until you have your baby and you leave with only 2 weeks to go is a GREAT visit by me!


April E. :) said...

Bennet's gonna be an APRIL baby!!! He will always have a part of his Aunt B with him...AWEEEE! :)

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