April 22, 2008


Today was a rather uneventful day for Bennet-monitoring. My NST went fine, my blood pressure is much better (although still borderline high,) I didn't gain ANY weight (which made my day,) and the ultrasound showed that I've got lots of amniotic fluid. I had the more fun of the two ultrasound techs today and she did some 4D pictures of him...but I have to get to a scanner before I can show those off. He is getting cuter and chubbier by the second...yikes!

I'm 38 weeks today. I'd say "I'm full term today," but a lot of books and websites claim that I was "full term" at 36 or 37 weeks - so who knows
. All I know is that, according to this morning's ultrasound, he is definitely not dropped into position for delivery. He's head-down, but that's about all. Hopefully he'll get a move on, and hopefully my cervix has been softening and effacing and dialating like crazy this week - we find out on Friday and Friday can't come soon enough!

Here's a picture of my monster belly. Someone tell this kid he can come out! Andrew told him this morning that we'll buy him a puppy if he just comes out soon. Already we're making deals with this child...this isn't good!

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