August 18, 2008

birthday addict.

My name is Terri, and I'm a birthday-holic. (Hi, Terri.)

I never thought my excitement over celebrating birthdays was abnormal, but maybe it is. Andrew claims my birthday is like Mardi Gras - it lasts for an entire week. My father-in-law joked that we should get a parade and floats going down our alley. And the best part about that is, I actually thought that sounded like a great idea. Maybe next year...

I do love birthdays. And I do celebrate them for about a solid week. I usually have a party with my family, a party with my friends, and then Andrew and I celebrate, too. Last year, we even spent a few days at the beach with Andrew's family, which I considered part of my birthday fun as well. I don't think anyone else did, which could be even more proof that I have a problem.

This year, I am even down-sizing my celebration in the name of reducing baby-sitter costs by going out with my friends on my actual birthday, instead of separating that event from my typical birthday night out with Andrew. (At $12-$15 an hour for a sitter, you get less nights out when you have a baby, whether you're a birthday princess or not.)

I think my addiction is getting better, but I could be in denial.

Yesterday, my family came over for a birthday cookout. Such fun! Even though my actual birthday isn't until tomorrow...I'm feeling quite the birthday high today from yesterday's festivities.

A lot of you know that I also subscribe to the belief that a birthday princess, whether she is turning 8 or 28, needs a fabulous birthday tiara or other type of princess hat. I found this one at Target and proudly wore it all day yesterday. And yes, I will be wearing it out to my birthday dinner tomorrow as well. Isn't it fab?

Happy birthday to me!!!


April E. :) said...

YEAH Happy Birthday Princess TT!! I am so glad you are enjoying your festivities!!!

megsnbigd said...

Your hat IS fab. You have every right to celebrate loud and long and with plenty of style! Happy Birthday!

- Sarah :-) said...

Oh yes - TOTALLY fab!! I want one!!

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