August 9, 2008

six miles, tacos & the inner harbor.

Yesterday, we went on a loooong walk around the city. We walked from our house, through the promenade at the harbor, to Harbor East for lunch, and back home. Our feet, and our Bennet were extremely tired when we finally arrived back on Cooksie Street. Here are some pictures of the day's big adventure.

Mile 1: Outside the American Visionary Art Museum.

Mile 2: Harborplace.

(Tired at Mile 2)

Mile 3: Lunch with Uncle Alex at Taco Fiesta.

Mile 4: Sleeping at the harbor

Mile 5: Get us home, Daddy!

Mile 6: Home, Sweet Home.

Worn out.

Busy day today, too...we went to Alex and Janel's for their Annual Block Party. (More on that later.) Tomorrow there's talk of walking to the Farmer's Market - which should be another 6 or so miles when all is said and done. I'm LOVING the exercise!


April E. :) said...

and you're looking GREAT too momma!! :)

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