March 8, 2009

new wheels.

It has been a fantastic weekend in our house. Sunny weather, a 3-day weekend for Andrew, lots of fun things to do in the city. I am sad to see Sunday night come to a close and to know that Monday morning is just a few hours away and Andrew will be headed back to work.

One of many fun things that happened in our family this weekend was Bennet getting his first car!

Driving home on Fort Avenue yesterday afternoon, we
noticed that someone had placed a Little Tikes car in front of their house with a sign taped to it that said, "FREE!" Andrew was the first to spot it, and quickly pulled over so that we could snag it for Bennet! The funniest part was that it belonged to our good friends, the Hannons. Their little ones had outgrown it and they were passing it on to any family willing to drag it home!

Bennet loves his car. His little feet don't quite reach the ground yet for him to actually move it around, but he is having a ball sitting in it, honking the horn and turning the key.

They say the best things in life are free. I think Bennet would agree!

A weekend of sunny weather, and a new toy to sit outside and play in - life doesn't get any better!


April E. :) said...

He could drive this Mrs. Daisy ANYWHERE! :)

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