August 3, 2009

15 month appointment.

Bennet had his 15-month appointment today. Everything went wonderfully. From what our Nurse Practitioner said, Benent is a perfect, healthy, fabulous 15-month-old. She said he is right on target developmentally and physically, and that we are doing everything right as parents. All of those things are always great to hear!

Bennet is in the 95th percentile for height, weight, and head circumference still. He's a big boy! She is thrilled that he is off of bottles, and loved his interest in books - she says it's an early form of reading and that he will probably love reading and be a smart kid! He found a drawer of books under the exam table and spent the entirety of the appointment playing with them and carrying them to Meghann (the NP) and I.

His allergies and asthma seem to be clearing up for the most part with the Zyrtec she put him on at his 1-year appointment, but he still has a terrible cough, so she put him on Singulair to help with his respiratory problems. Minus the allergies, he's a happy, healthy baby! He also had to get two shots today, and after he stopped crying he was absolutely furious with the nurse who gave them to him. He kept shaking his little fists at her and yelling at her. I told him that giving babies shots was her job, that it was her job to keep babies healthy. He didn't seem to care. Fortunately, he cheered up when he got to pick some prizes out of the toy chest on his way out the door. His picks? Some green sunglasses and a pinwheel!

Andrew and I are so thankful for Bennet and for the health and happiness that God has blessed him with. We're praying for an equally fantastic 18-month appointment in November!


April E. :) said...

well I want you to have an equally healthy and cute baby girl next :) just my vote!

- Sarah :-) said...

aww - how fun! and I would've died laughing when he was shaking his fist at her... too funny!

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