August 31, 2009

community picnic.

Last night was our community picnic. The Civic Association provided hot dogs and hamburgers in the park, and community members brought a side dish. This was the first year we've gone. It's amazing how quickly you'll take advantage of an evening outside in the park when you've got a busy toddler to occupy!

We packed our picnic blanket, drinks and a side dish and headed across the street to the park. It was a wonderful evening - cool weather, sunshine, music, friends and neighbors. We are so uniquely blessed by the amount of neighbors in our community who have become good friends. I don't believe there are a lot of community picnics where you can show up without talking to any of your neighbors beforehand, because you know there will be friends there you can sit and have a great time with.

Bennet had a fantastic time running around the park. Lately, he loves open areas where he can run and play. It was a challenge to get him to sit down on our picnic blanket and eat some dinner. Who can blame him when there's so much excitement? There was even a DJ there who brought a bubble machine with him. Bennet and his friend Tobin had a great time running through the bubbles!

It's always so nice to relax and have a good time in our park. My favorite part of the evening was the cool shirt I got to dress Bennet in. I called it his "Picnic in the Park" shirt, and had to get a picture of him laying in the grass in it. He almost blended in!


- Sarah :-) said...

Aww - this is definitely a switch fromt he poop-meister we saw in the last post. I gotta be honest - I prefer this shirt to his "natural" camo for sure!

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