August 20, 2009

project 365: week 20

August 12, 2009: Dinner at the Lobster Hut in Sea Aisle City! I loved the monster lobster they had on the side of their building! The food was yummy, too!

August 13, 2009: Jessica and I brought the adorable matching outfits that Grammy had bought the boys with us to the beach! We dressed them up alike and tried so hard to get a good picture of them together. Babies never cooperate when you want them too, though!

August 14, 2009: On our last night at the beach, the whole family headed to the beach after dinner to fly kites I had bought for all of the kids. Bennet had such a great time at the beach that night - running everywhere, picking up sea shells, and playing in the water!

August 15, 2009: We left the beach to head home early in the morning. Even though it hadn't been that long since he'd slept, Bennet took another nap in the car. Car rides tire me out, too. I couldn't blame him!

August 16, 2009: Since our new church starts at 11 AM, we have a lot more time on Sunday mornings to do things we normally wouldn't get to do! This week, we went to the Farmers Market and then to Safeway for some groceries...all before we even had to be at church! Bennet loved riding in the car shopping cart at Safeway!

August 17, 2009: I spent a good bit of time cleaning the bathroom, only to have my dirty, little toddler go into the bathroom at bath time and dirty up the floor all over again! A mother's work is never done!

August 18, 2009: Bennet's new thing lately has been showing off during dinner. He babbles and yells and makes funny faces through the entire meal. The more you laugh at him, the sillier he gets! What a little show-off!


- Sarah :-) said...

Ha ha ha - he sounds like he's a blast. I can't believe he's geting so big!! PS: I didn't know you changed churches, but that's amazing that you have more time to just be a fam in the morning beforehand. Gotta love that!!

April E. :) said...

He is his mommy :) Are you going to Epic now?

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