September 9, 2009

project 365: week 23

September 2, 2009: Peapod arrived to spend the week with us while her parents went out of town. Bennet loved having two dogs to chase around. He also loved getting to take them both for walks around the park!

September 3, 2009: It's been taking me a lot longer than I'm used to to get anywhere these days. Bennet loves to explore the alley or the street - wherever we're walking. Long gone are the days of walking quickly to the car. Now, we have to stop to look in every back yard, climb every set of steps, or explore every planter full of flowers.

September 4, 2009: Sophie has not enjoyed sharing her snuggle time with another dog! Here, Sophie and Peapod battle for a spot on the couch snuggling with Andrew.

September 5, 2009: We took Bennet to the Maryland State Fair for the first time! Here he is playing a game where he picked three plastic ducks out of a pond and won a prize based on the numbers on the bottoms of the ducks. His number totaled up to him winning an artificial rose, but the nice lady running the booth let him pick from some stuffed animals instead. He chose a stuffed blue and yellow butterfly!

September 6, 2009: We decided not to take Bennet to church because he was running a small fever. We thought some fresh air would be good for him, so we took him to the park for a picnic lunch. He had a lot of fun playing in the sand and picking up sticks.

September 7, 2009: This is what our living room floor looks like most of the time. I pick up board books, cars, blocks, etc. more times in a day than I can count. Somehow, it all always ends up back in the middle of the living room.

September 8, 2009: Bennet has been fighting a cold for the past few days. He's been a big fan of snuggling on the couch, watching "Bear in the Big Blue House." Here he is after his nap, enjoying some TV time and a sippy of milk.


April E. :) said...

He truly is a little toddler now...such a big boy! :)

- Sarah :-) said...

aww, he is too cute! He must be a blast, now that he's a bit older and more interactive...

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