September 15, 2009

toddler bed.

Tonight, we put together Bennet's Thomas the Tank Engine toddler bed! Bennet isn't quite ready to sleep in a toddler bed, but we got a great deal on it from friends in the neighborhood, so we grabbed it while we could!

Bennet tried to help Andrew put the bed together, but he mostly wanted to play on it!

He had a great time practicing climbing on and off of it.

Sophie fits in the toy box. Not good for her.

Overall, Bennet was very excited about the new addition to his bedroom. He clapped and danced around the room, and played on it with Daddy and Sophie.

I have a feeling Sophie is going to love it when she can snuggle with her brother in his bed at night.

The plan is to use the bed only for reading stories or playing for now. When he is ready, we'll move him to naps in the bed, and eventually to sleeping in it at night! I can't believe what a big boy he is turning into. Soon, he'll be out of his crib and sleeping in a cool "Thomas" bed. Time sure does fly!


April E. :) said...

I could totally fit one of those in my room...::thinking aloud::
TOO COOL!!! I bet he was just SO excited!

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