January 13, 2010

project 365: week 41

January 6, 2010: Gram bought Bennet this lion chair to sit in when he watches TV. He's been sitting in it a lot, and I wanted to take a picture to e-mail to my mom at work to show her how much he liked it. Unfortunately, I could not get him to smile. He was watching a particularly tense "Barney" where the Winkster stole the Barney Bag and Barney and the kids were trying to get it back. I guess it's hard to smile when the Barney Bag has been stolen!

January 7, 2010: I bought Bennet drinkable yogurts at the grocery store this week. He loves them. I'd love them if he'd leave the straw in the container and not make such a mess!

January 8, 2010: I tried to get a picture of Bennet coloring. He clearly did not feel up for a photo.

January 9, 2010: Bennet loves nothing more than to climb all over me on the couch. He doesn't do it to Andrew, only to me. He's a big kid, so sometimes he really hurts me! Andrew has instituted "Mommy Time Outs" where he sits between Bennet and I on the couch and won't let Bennet climb on me. It's very sad. He cries and says, "I want Momma." It's nice to get a break from the abuse, though!

January 10, 2010: When I got Bennet up from his nap this afternoon, he had stuck his hand in his diaper and rubbed poop all over his onesie. Then, when I was trying to clean him off, he looked at me with the most cross little expression on his face and said, "Momma, I want juice. Momma, I want snack." I brought him downstairs dressed in this crazy outfit and told Andrew, "I dressed Bennet in this ridiculous outfit because he is being ridiculous."

January 11, 2010: Andrew only gets to see Bennet in the evenings for about an hour and a half until he has to go to bed. They usually spend that time playing together. This night, it was Mega Blocks.

January 12, 2010: I love my red maternity coat. Last time I was pregnant, I bought gloves and a headband to wear with it. I had completely forgotten about the headband and gloves until I unpacked my coat, and I was so excited to wear them again. Unfortunately, living with a toddler often results in things disappearing. My black headband had been lost for a few weeks and I had searched the house over for it. I finally found it yesterday stuffed under the storage trunk we keep in our living room. It made my day!


Karasmith said...

Oh I am so glad to see your pics---I miss you guys so much!!! (and I'm dying to know how the whole Barney bag thing turned out!!!!) xoxo

Miranda said...

You look lovely in your red coat! And just wait until your tummy is sticking out like an extra shelf for Bennet to hoyst himself up onto...it'll be less fun to Mommy Mountain!!

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