February 11, 2010

all. this. snow.

In case you don't live in Maryland, and haven't watched the news, we're getting slammed with snow here. Over the weekend, we got almost 30 inches! Yesterday, we were hit with almost 20 more! Things have been very interesting here in Baltimore!

Bennet and I haven't really left the house since Friday, except for a few trips on foot to neighborhood restaurants and a small trip to the grocery store yesterday morning. Bennet hates being outside in the snow - crying and having a complete meltdown whenever we try to take him out to play in it, or to go for a walk. I feel sort of sad that I won't have all the cute pictures other parents are getting in this storm - ones of their little ones making snowmen and sledding while laughing and having fun. Such is life with a temperamental toddler, though.

We have managed to keep busy indoors - watching lots of TV, coloring, making Valentine's (more on those later,) and cleaning. Bennet actually helped me clean the refrigerator out the other day. I'd hand him something to throw in the trash, and he'd throw it away and come back saying, "More! More!,"wanting more items to toss in the garbage can. It's amazing the things that can be made to seem fun when you're going on 6 days in the house together.

This is our third "blizzard" here in Baltimore since December. With two of them happening in one week, the news is saying we've "lived through history." The scene here in the city is amazing - deserted streets, cars completely covered in snow, everyone walking in the middle of the street to the grocery store since the sidewalks aren't cleared. Snow doesn't really bother me, and I've been enjoying the unique opportunity to slow down the pace of life and enjoy time at home with Bennet. Andrew has even gotten some snow days off of work, and has gotten to leave work earlier than normal on the days he has needed to go in, so we've been enjoying time together as a family all around!

They're calling for another storm on Monday. It's crazy to think about getting more snow, but if it does come - I think we'll be just fine!
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