April 24, 2010

project 365: week 55

April 14, 2010: I love a full fridge. Bennet and I spent our entire morning running errands - grocery shopping and buying things we needed around the house. Our fridge was completely stocked up!

April 15, 2010: Bennet and I had planned to go to the zoo with some friends, but my car battery had died. We hung out on the back porch all morning instead, enjoying the warm weather. I filled a bucket with soap and water and let Bennet wash all of his matchbox cars. He had lots of fun doing it, and would clap his hands and yell "YAY, I DID IT!" every time he dropped a car in the bucket.

April 16, 2010: Sophie was excited to get some whipped cream fed to her in the kitchen. It pays to hang out while the dishes are being done!

April 17, 2010: Andrew hiked a portion of the Appalachian Trail with some of our friends from church.

April 18, 2010: Among the seeds Bennet and I planted this spring were cat grass seeds. They have really started to take off, but I'm waiting for the nights to get just a little warmer before I put it outside for our alley cat, Mr. Bruno.

April 19, 2010: A preview of what we'll be seeing when Bennet starts preschool this fall. He loves carrying this backpack now, and we pack it full of toys and books when we go to dinner. We had dinner outside at Little Havanas this night and Bennet loved playing with all of his backpack loot!

April 20, 2010: Bennet found my new Keene sandals and tried his best to wear them around the house. They were a little big, though!


Many Titles said...

Oh my goodness to see him carrying that book bag would have broke my heart the first time...... where in the world did the time go?

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