May 13, 2010

mother's day.

On Saturday, we were all still feeling lousy and trying to recover from all of the bugs that swept our house over the past two weeks. I was pretty bummed, thinking we'd all be sick on Mother's Day. Thankfully, we all seemed to feel better on Sunday morning, and I got to spend a special day with my two favorite boys!

Since we couldn't go to church because the doctor had quarantined Bennet from being around other kids for 5-7 days due to his sickness, Andrew and Bennet took me to breakfast at one of my favorite little coffee shops in the city. I made Bennet dress up in this super-cute outfit for me - it was Mother's Day after all.

After breakfast, we went to Ikea and looked at new bedroom sets and storage solutions for the house. We're trying to get everything in order for when baby Kennedy arrives. (By the way, we decided on a name!) I got to pick out these really cool counter-height storage shelves with drawers. We're storing all of Bennet's art and coloring supplies, as well as my sewing supplies in them. I love having all of those things organized and easy to get to!

At Ikea, Bennet got an ice cream cone. Being two means being extremely independent, and he refused to let me help him eat it. I was so nervous that he would drop it on the ground and we'd have a toddler meltdown on our hands, but he did a great job with it minus being covered in sticky ice cream!

The boys also got me a very special present for Mother's Day - a brand new laptop! My old one had been dying a slow death since last summer, so it was time to replace it. I love my new one. What a fabulous Mother's Day gift!

I'm so thankful that we were all feeling better by Mother's Day. Andrew and Bennet made the day so special, I'm glad I was well enough to enjoy myself! I can't believe that next year on Mother's Day, we'll have a little girl in our family, too! The countdown continues - only 10 weeks left until my due date!


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