June 15, 2010

project 365: week 63

June 9, 2010: We got a sitter for the night and went with Ashley and Mark to see the Orioles play the Yankees. It was a rainy night, but sometimes those are the most fun!

June 10, 2010: Goofing off at Bedtime. Why do kids always prefer running around naked to getting into their pajamas?

June 11, 2010: Our neighbor, Mark, got us free passes to Six Flags America, and we were excited to take Bennet to his first theme park. He was pretty grouchy that day and didn't want to ride any rides. Andrew did manage to get him on this kiddie roller coaster!

June 12, 2010: The Sharpes invited us over for a cookout and pool party. Bennet was not a fan of the pool, but he did like the cookout part!

June 13, 2010: With as much house-hunting as we were doing, Bennet was spending lots of time being babysat by my mom. She pulled out some of my old toys for Bennet to play with - Little People, Trolls and Legos! We went to her house for dinner on this night and he pulled out all of the Little People to play with.

June 14, 2010: Bennet took a long nap, which means I got to, too! Everyone was feeling so good that the three of us cooked dinner together as a family. Bennet loved putting pasta in the water and watching the steam come from the boiling pot!

June 15, 2010: Our friend Mary stopped by with some little presents for Bennet and I to thank us for dog-sitting for them a few weeks ago. Bennet got this cool coloring book with pictures of different scenes around Baltimore. He is really starting to enjoy coloring. I think it's because they color so much at preschool!


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