June 24, 2010

quiet rest time.

My strong-willed child and I have been in a stand-off for two months now. Two months. He has decided he doesn't need to nap. I know that he does. When he doesn't nap, he is cranky and irritable and usually falls asleep in the car in the afternoon, or spends the afternoon laying his head on me and whining. I've read books. I've read countless message boards online. Nothing I try is helping move us towards an afternoon nap.

Most recently, I've been sitting with him in his room, reading a book by book light, until he falls asleep. After a few weeks of this, I came to the realization that once Kennedy arrives, I will not have time to sit with him for an hour and fight with him to make him sleep. I've decided to pick my battles. The main thing I need from "nap time" is for him to be quiet and out of the way, tucked into his room for a few hours. My goal between now and when Kennedy gets here is to institute a time of "quiet rest" where he has to stay in his room either napping, reading books or playing quietly in the afternoons. Only time will tell how this will turn out, but I think it's the best solution for all parties involved right now.

Today was the first day we tried this new "quiet rest time." I told him he had to stay in his room from 1:00 until 3:00, and that he could play, read or nap, but he had to stay there until I came for him. He cries at nap time when you shut his door, so I left the door open and sat down the hall in my room and sent him back to his bed every time he came near the doorway. He eventually stopped leaving the room, but instead brought tons of toys and books into the doorway of his room and sat there playing. It's all about picking your battles at this age, so I decided this was fine. Suddenly, I realized there was complete silence in his room and that he must have gone to sleep. Expecting to find him in his bed, I went into his room to find this -

Yes, he's asleep IN THE DOORWAY. At least he followed rules and stayed in his room. Pick your battles, right? After about 20 minutes, he woke up crying. I was down the hall, so I said to him, "Shhh, it's still time for a quiet rest." I thought he'd wake up and play some more. Instead, he changed positions and went back to sleep for another half hour IN THE DOORWAY...ON THE HARD FLOOR...with his blanket and Ninny. Sigh.

I feel like, no matter where he slept, a nap means a "win" for Momma! Hopefully we'll get him to take a "quiet rest" in his BED soon!


Miranda said...

Weston has recently decided he doesn't need naps either. I let him stay up until it gets late enough that I know he won't cry too much, or let him fall asleep on the floor or chair downstairs and then carry him up. You're right, you have to pick your battles.

That picture of Bennet lying on the floor is just too darling. :)

The Coys said...

OMG - so cute. Sounds eerily similar to Landon who gave up naps at this point and would only go to sleep by me reading over and over to him or falling asleep in his car seat or stroller.

Maybe you're onto something though since he stayed in his room. He may get better and better and eventually nap on his own in his bed again.

Brandy said...

Paige still fights at bedtime and naptime. I have countless pics of her sleeping on the floor because she just had to stay awake 5 more minutes. He'll get the hang of it.

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