November 29, 2010

designing, addressing and sending some holiday love.

I love sending out Christmas cards. I love designing them, I love addressing the envelopes, I love dropping them all into the mailbox and sending them on their merry way. What I love most is that sending out a card takes time, and there is no better way to tell people you care about them then to set aside some of your time for them. In a world of e-mails and virtual greeting cards, there is something magical about getting something in the mail. For our family, Christmas cards are a way to touch base with all of our extended family and friends and let them know that they are loved!

We had our family Christmas portrait taken this weekend, and I have been excitedly designing cards with Shutterfly. Shutterfly is a great source for Christmas and holiday cards. Their designs are beautiful and modern - not to mention really, really fun. I have made several different versions of our 2010 Christmas card, and I still can't decide which I plan to use!

See what I mean? Every card that I plug our photos into, I fall in love with. I may have to order more than one design!

Until I decide which Christmas card we'll be mailing out to our loved ones this year, I'll be having lots of fun on the Shutterfly site, designing cards and saving them to look at later.

Maybe I'll design a few and let Bennet pick out which one he likes best - he's pretty into the Christmas preparations this year!

I was not paid by Shutterfly for my comments on their holiday cards. However, Shutterfly is providing bloggers who blog about their cards with 50 free photo cards. This post contains my honest opinion about Shutterfly's photo cards.


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