February 23, 2011

back in the groove.

I’m feeling a re-ignited spark for sewing lately.  I’d been feeling very exhausted and overwhelmed for a while (more on that later, perhaps) and only lately have things been looking up.  I was completely disinterested in my sewing machine, despite a pretty large to-do list of projects.  This week, I’ve felt passionate about sewing again for the first time in a long time, and it feels great!  I’ve got two major projects going right now – both of which I’m very excited about!


The first is a sew-along with Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional.  I mentioned this project in my Project 365 post yesterday, but to elaborate more – Jess is leading us through making The Charlotte Dress, a beautiful dress named for her sweet, baby girl!  I’ve been wanting to make Kennedy and I matching Easter dresses, and make ties for the boys out of the same fabric – so I figure this sew-along is a great time to get started, rather than procrastinate until days before like I normally do!


My mom recently did some organizing of her linen closet, and came to me with lots of curtains in this beautiful, cotton, rose-printed fabric.  She asked if I thought I’d use the fabric for sewing, and I quickly snatched them up!  There’s about eight yards of fabric in all, so I thought it would be the perfect fabric for this multi-garment project!


I finished Day 3 of the sew-along today – completing the bodice!  It’s looking so beautiful!  I’m so excited about it!  I decided to make it in 12 months, since Kennedy is such a chunk and is already growing out of some of her 6-9 months clothing.  I figure, even if it’s big, she’ll be able to wear it through the summer, as she grows.  The green fabric binding the sleeves is some broadcloth I picked up at Hancock Fabrics today to use for the trim pieces on the dress. 


I also picked up some materials for Bennet’s baby clothes quilt at Hancock today.  I finally worked up the courage to start cutting his baby clothes into squares today!  I’m going to follow along with some posts that Beth at Vermillion Rules did a while back – a Baby Clothes Quilt A-Long.  Beth has been gracious enough to e-mail with me a few times about the process, and I’m feeling fairly confident!  I let Bennet pick out the fabric for the underside of the quilt – and he chose the above “dinosaur” fabric.  He keeps asking me if I’m making him a “Sheet,” which is what he calls his current snuggle blanket.  I think he’ll be really thrilled with it when it’s finished, as Kennedy usually gets the bulk of my sewing attention because it’s so much fun to make frilly dresses and skirts for her!


Hancock Fabrics was also having a remnant sale – 50% off all fabric remnants!  I have been eyeing pre-ruffled fabric for a while, and I snagged about a yard and a half of this black, ruffled fabric for next to nothing!


I also picked up some remnants of white chenille, and these two girly flannel prints – I have a baby gift planned for these!

It’s nice to be excited about something again!  I can’t wait to tackle some of these projects that have been hanging around, calling my name for a while!


April E. :) said...

so excited to see how it comes out!! :)

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