February 22, 2011

project 365: week 99

project 365


February 16, 2011:  Kennedy had a follow-up for her helmet.  Everything is going great, and hopefully we only have another month or so of her needing it.  I can’t wait until our days in the STARband are over!


February 17, 2011:  We had a few days of sunny, warm weather, and the kids and I took advantage of it by going for lots of walks and playing in the back yard.  Bennet loved getting to see his outdoor toys, since we haven’t been outside in quite a while due to the winter weather!


February 18, 2011:  One of my favorite people in the world, Ashley, celebrated her birthday this week!  The kids and I got to take her to lunch on her actual birthday, and we also were invited to a group birthday dinner to celebrate with her, her boyfriend, and lots of her friends.  This was the night that I fell and busted up my legs – but other than that, we had a great time!


February 19, 2011:  We didn’t take many pictures on this day, minus the ones I already posted of my injuries and my visit to Patient First!  Ashley and Greg were sweet enough to stop by to visit with a chicken pot pie and a beautiful bouquet of flowers!  I took a floral arranging class a while ago at Whole Foods, and I was able to use my learned skills to make two gorgeous arrangements out of the bouquet!


February 20, 2011:  I went out this week and bought these little, elastic hair ties for Kennedy.  She has so much hair that pulling it up on top is really the only thing we do with it these days!  I want to put it in pigtails, but my foot/knee injuries have slowed that down a bit!


February 21, 2011:  Bennet took my headband and kept singing, “I’m a pretty princess!  I live in a castle!”  Andrew was so proud!


February 22, 2011:  I’m participating in my first sew-along!  Jess at Craftiness Is Not Optional is walking us through making The Charlotte Dress.  I’m going to use it as Kennedy’s Easter Dress.  I’m so excited!


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