February 15, 2011

vintage sewing supplies.

When I saw an assortment of patterns and sewing notions offered up on Freecycle, I jumped on it quickly. I picked up my sewing goodies this morning, and I was amazed at the incredible assortment of vintage sewing notions and patterns I scored – for free!


There’s a plastic sewing box filled with thread, tons of vintage buttons, and a bag of notions like bias tape, snaps, and elastic. The woman who owned all of this stuff also made dolls and stuffed animals, so there’s also a box filled with eyes – cat eyes, googly eyes, wooden eyes – more eyes than I know what to do with!


There are also some really cool vintage appliques. I don’t see appliques this pretty in stores anymore! My favorites are this little doll, and this anchor. I can’t wait to add them to clothes for the kids.


There’s a huge box of vintage ribbon and lace. I’m dying over it. Just like the appliques, I never see things this beautiful in sewing stores anymore!


Those two in the front are my favorites – a see-through, yellow lace and a floral print ribbon. I can’t wait to find some uses for these in my sewing room!


And the patterns. Oh, the patterns. All of them are from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Stuffed animals galore. Kennedy and Bennet are going to be getting lots of cool, handmade friends!


There are bedding patterns…


Curtain and bag patterns…


And even some sweet, vintage patterns for clothes for the kids!

I do wish I knew why I ended up with all this stuff. I picked it up from a local church, and my feeling is that maybe a sweet, old lady died and the church was helping to get rid of her stuff. Otherwise, I can’t imagine why someone would be getting rid of such a wealth of sewing supplies! Whoever this lady is, I hope I do her proud with the things I create with her stuff!

I definitely hit the mother load of free, vintage sewing loot today! I’m really excited to go through it and get it organized, and then put it to use! I’ll be sure to post whatever exciting projects this windfall inspires me to take on!


Liz said...
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Heather said...

What a great package of treasures! Some of these things look like items from my grandmother's boxes of sewing items that I grew up with. Love the cute appliques! And the patterns for bags and stuffed animals and clothes for the kids will be so cute! Looking forward to seeing what you make from all of this!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

What a great score!!

- Sarah :-) said...

I LOVE the pinafore pattern (the one that criss-crosses in the back with the matchign bloomers)!! I made one for myself, but would LOVE to get a real vintage one to use instead. SOOO cute adn they grow with the kid and can be used as a shirt when they're a ltitle older, but still itty bitty. :-)

What a great find!!

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