April 19, 2011

Project 365: Weeks 106 & 107

project 365


April 6, 2011:  Andrew went to the Beer, Bacon and BBQ festival, and brought Bennet these temporary tattoos home!  I put them on, but quickly realized that we should probably take them off before sending him to preschool.  Unfortunately, they only stayed on for about a day, but they were lots of fun while they lasted!


April 7, 2011:  After I picked up Bennet up from school, he helped me clean out my car and vacuum it.  Since it was so clean inside, we decided to take it to the car wash to clean the outside.  We took Sophie with us, and Bennet was thrilled both with driving through an automatic car wash and having Sophie ride with him in the back seat!


April 8, 2011:  Andrew’s mom and dad came to town for a visit!  Bennet and Kennedy had such a great time playing with them and visiting with them, and we loved having them stay with us!


April 9, 2011:  My mother-in-law loves collecting sea glass, so we headed to Maryland’s Eastern Shore to hunt for sea glass!  We had lunch in historic Chestertown, and then went to Tolchester Beach to look for glass.  Such a lovely day!


April 10, 2011:  Kennedy got her first hair cut!  I can’t believe we had to do it before she was even 9 months old, but her hair was getting out of control!  Special thanks to Grammy for taking lots of pictures for us to commemorate the big day!


April 11, 2011:  Andrew took off work for his parents’ visit.  Since they left early in the morning, we had the whole day to do something fun with the kids!  It was beautiful outside, so we went to a local park and had a picnic lunch while the kids played on the playground.  Bennet is growing up so fast – last summer he would never have attempted this rope bridge but this year – he was all about it!


April 12, 2011:  This was my day.  Beanie had been running a fever which I believed was teething-related.  After her growing increasingly grumpy, I took her in to the pediatrician only to find that she had a double ear infection!  A long couple of days for Momma, but as soon as the Amoxicillin kicked in, things were looking up!


April 13, 2011:  My kids love the dollar store!  Nothing makes them happier than roaming the aisles, checking things out!  On this day, Bennet chose a toy snake and a basket to keep it in as his treat.  Kennedy picked out a stuffed caterpillar. 


April 14, 2011:  I ordered Little Einsteins stuffed animals on ebay for Bennet, and they finally came in the mail!  He was sad that he didn’t have a “rocket” to put them in, so I improvised and made one out of an Amazon box, red tissue paper, paint and Modge Podge.  He was, obviously, thrilled with the result!


April 15, 2011:  We took the kids to the mall for pictures with the Easter Bunny!  Bennet got stickers and a toy in a plastic egg, and Kennedy was pretty excited to chew on the egg!


April 16, 2011:  A rainy day.  Shenanigans on the front porch with the kids and the dog.  Just another day at our house!


April 17 2011:  Since being sick, Kennedy has gotten very needy.  She insists on being held all the time, and cries when you refuse to hold her.  Although it has been getting better, on this night she cried unless I let her hang out on a blanket in the kitchen with me while I unloaded the dishwasher. 


April 18, 2011:  One of the big benefits to finally fixing the front porch and front yard up is that I get to play out front with the kids.  Bennet loves driving his cars all over the front porch.  I love how smart and interactive he’s getting!


April 19, 2011:  Are you freaking kidding me?  I found this pin for Kennedy at a thrift store and I had to buy it!  A Human Bean!  Love it!


April E. :) said...

ok seriously? How awesome is that pin!! great find!

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