August 31, 2012

HCG Weight Loss: The Kit is Here!

I’ve posted a little bit this week on Twitter and Facebook about an exciting opportunity that has come my way, and I’m psyched to say that things are officially a go!


I’m about to start a 28-day round of HCG from Trim Nutrition, an awesome online supplier of vitamin injections, weight management tools and other supplements.  I’ve used B-12 injections from Trim in the past, and when I saw that they were offering HCG, I was eager to get in on it!

A brief summary of my understanding of the HCG diet is this -

The hypothalamus, a gland in our brains, controls bodily functions like breathing, digestion and the endocrine system.  The endocrine system is responsible for producing hormones that regulate our metabolism and weight.  Using a very low calorie diet (VLCD) along with HCG causes the body to attack its stored fat.  The diet produces a “starvation state” in your body and causes the HCG to kick some major fat-cell booty. 

I have a few friends who have lost tons-o-weight doing HCG.  I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to lose weight and to share the journey with you!


I just mixed my injection vile, and I’ve got it in the fridge, ready to start tomorrow morning!

The first two days of the plan, you’re supposed to eat a lot.  Stuff your body with fatty foods and high calories – then kick off a 500-calorie per day diet from there. 

It should be a fun weekend of pigging out – but then it’s serious business for the next month.  I can’t wait!

Stay tuned, as I’ll be posting at least 2 times a week about the plan, my weight loss, and how I’m feeling! 

Thanks, Trim Nutrition, for having faith in me!  Here we go!

Interested in checking out Trim Nutrition for yourself?  Trim Nutrition offers vitamin injections and weight-management products that fit every lifestyle.  Visit their website and check them out!  Enter code “TERRIHCG” in the additional comments section when you check-out to let them know you heard about their products from this blog!

Disclosure: I received a 28-Day HCG Kit for review from Trim Nutrition.  I am not being compensated for my review of this product, nor for my opinions of the product. I always give my honest opinions, feelings and beliefs about the products reviewed on this blog.

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