September 27, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up: May

A few things have slowed down my blogging in recent months.  First of all, I hoard photos for months at a time on my phone before uploading them to my computer.  Second, I feel like I spend a lot of time micro-blogging our life on Twitter and Instagram right now.  Third, I had blog-writer’s-block for a while.  It happens.

A recent project of mine was pulling all photos from my phone, and cataloging them on my laptop.  Now that that’s completed, I thought running a few posts to get updated on our summer antics may be fun. 

So.  May.


Kennedy started the summer out HATING the pool.  That only lasted like a week.  Then we couldn’t get her out of the water.


Super heroes were -- and still are -- all the rage with the kids.


We took lots of “family walks” after dinner time, exploring our neighborhood beach and the two playground areas we have.


I got to meet my best friend’s OTHER best friend!  JB’s friend Leslie from TX came to visit, and we had a little girl’s night out.


Bennet and I went to Mother/Son date night at Chick-Fil-A.


We ventured to the playgrounds in communities surrounding ours, and found one that is filled with vintage/dangerous playground equipment!  Remember those metal merry-go-rounds that you can barely hang on to?  There’s one of those, too.


Bennet graduated from his three-year-old preschool class.  We miss Ms. Renee – she moved away after the school year.


Bennet turned 4, and had a Lego Star Wars birthday party.  I can’t seem to locate the photos on my new laptop, so hopefully Andrew can rescue them!  Another part of his birthday celebration was a trip to Camden Yards, where my baby cousin, Lacey, spoiled us by treating us to a game in her sweet Orioles-employee-seats.


We also attended a concert in downtown Baltimore that was lots of fun!  The kids had a ball dancing in the grass, and Andrew and I loved being back in the city for a few hours.

That was our May – busy as usual! 

I’ll work my way through the summer over the next few weeks!


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