February 15, 2011

a very happy valentine’s day.

The Peters had a fantastic Valentine’s Day!  The longer Andrew and I are married, the more our family grows, the more love we seem to share on this loving holiday! 


I already told you about the amazing Laguna Roses that Andrew came home from work with on Friday night.  I have so enjoyed having my beautiful “wedding flowers” around for the last few days.  It’s hard not to feel lovey-dovey when there’s such a beautiful reminder of your wedding in the house!

We had three presents for each of the kids.  The pinks are Kennedy’s, the reds are Bennet’s.  We let them open a present a day through the weekend, building up to Valentine’s Day.  Kennedy got two books and a cool set of blocks – Bennet got some Mickey Mouse Clubhouse figurines, a book and Dora and Diego chocolates!


My Valentine bought me a beautiful watch (which I need to get a picture of,) and I bought him a new tie and dress shirt.  Since I’ve picked up some freelance work, I’ve really enjoyed having my own money so I can sneak surprises in here and there! 


On Saturday night, we went to dinner with our good friends, the Marinos, to celebrate V-Day together.  We had such a great night with them – it’s always fun to get out without the kids and have some adult time!


On our actual Valentine’s Day, the weather outside was absolutely amazing.  It was around 65 degrees, and in addition to attending a Valentine’s Day party at a local kids’ gym, we also went for a long walk in the neighborhood, enjoying the sunshine.


I think the kids forgot that we had a beach and a playground in our neighborhood – it’s been so long since it’s been warm enough to go for a walk!  Kennedy got to hang out in a baby swing at the playground for the first time and she loved it!


Bennet and I addressed his Valentines for his party at school, and we ended our V-Day by going out to dinner with the kids – burgers and beers and relaxing with the family is my idea of a great night!


Valentine’s Day couldn’t be complete until Bennet had his party at school today.  They made goodie bags and brought them home, filled to the brim with candy and Valentine’s.  Bennet’s teacher told me he was the most excited kid in the class today, running in this morning yelling, “WE’RE HAVING A VALENTINE’S PARTY!”  He’s an enthusiastic child, what can I say?


From our family to yours – here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day was filled with lots of love!  Ours sure was!



Many Titles said...

Oh what a great weekend!! And how cute is B getting very excited about his party at school. I can't wait for those days.... kinda.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

Oh my gosh, Monkey is sooooooooooooo cute!!1

You guys are making me wish we made a bigger deal out of Valentine's Day!!

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